Trees For Life (Dundreggan)

Glenmoriston is home to Trees For Life's Dundreggan Estate, their flagship example of rewilding in action.

Here they plant trees to create a new wild forest, allow the forest to recover through natural regeneration and test new tree growing and land management techniques.

The land is now recovering from centuries of grazing and browsing by sheep, goats, cattle and deer. Over 4,000 species of plants and animals are found at Dundreggan, including many rare and protected species.

Dundreggan is a base for volunteer groups throughout the year and has its own onsite tree nursery. Visitors are welcome to explore the short network of woodland walks, and volunteers are always being sought.

For more information about Trees For Life and The Dundreggan Estate, including volunteer opportunities, visitor information and details of how you can support the project financially please visit their dedicated website at:

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