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As part of its constitutional remit, Glenmoriston Improvement Group is committed to researching, gathering and recording the fascinating details of the rich history and heritage of our glen. Our first project of this nature involves researching the musical heritage of Glenmoriston and there are full details of this exciting project detailed below.

With our research projects we hope to provide a public resource that will expand and build upon the existing historical record which is already available in the public domain. One of the best existing resources is the fascinating and comprehensive collection of history and heritage articles and photographs that has been compiled by Donald McDonald on his own website that can be found using the link below.


The Musical Heritage of Glenmoriston

(Research Project)

Glenmoriston has a particularly rich musical heritage.

The glen was home to a succession of poets in the late 18th and throughout the 19th century, known collectively as 'The Glenmoriston Bards'. These bards wrote songs and poems in praise of Glenmoriston, its geography, environment, notable local people and events. The songs and poems provide a unique perspective of the area and local people's relationships with each other and the world around them.

The scoping exercise for this project, undertaken on behalf of GIG by Munro Gauld and Ceit Langhorne, involved the research and interpretation of Glenmoriston's musical heritage, putting it into a local and wider context in order to both better understand its significance, as well as help make it more accessible. The report also identifies potential opportunities for its future research, use and development.

The full scoping exercise document is available to download on the link below.

The Musical Heritage of Glenmoriston - Scoping Exercise

Download the full scoping exercise document.

Glenmoriston Places of Interest

(By William Owen)

This fascinating little guide gives a brief insight into the history and heritage of the main points of interest located along the length of the glen and a quick read through will enrich the experience of exploring Glenmoriston with snippets of historical background detail about the notable features of the area.

Written long before the advent of the internet this leaflet is not only useful as a brief guide but also as a starting point to prompt further online research into the various places mentioned and is available to download on the link below.

Glenmoriston places of Interest

Download using the link above.

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